My son’s high school is 13 miles from our house. At rush hour, it takes 45 minutes each way to get to the school. It’s crazy. Over the past decades, our state government hasn't put a priority on road transportation. As a result, each of us has experienced the inconvenience of longer commutes to and from work and school. This negatively impacts our quality of life in Anne Arundel County.

When Governor Hogan was elected, he put an emphasis on road maintenance and projects that improve our quality of life. Most Maryland residents are happy that we’re finally seeing road improvements. Yet, in a display of partisan politics, the leadership of the State Legislature pushed through a bill to diminish the governor’s ability to improve our roads. Governor Hogan called the legislation the “Road Kill Bill.” He vetoed the bill, but the legislature overrode the veto, making it law.

The Capital newspaper said of the new law, “At best, the law means spending a few extra millions to generate red tape on state transportation projects via a series of subjective, easily manipulated rankings. … At worst, this is revenge for Gov. Larry Hogan's cancellation of the hugely expensive Red Line light rail project for Baltimore, and a way to hand legislators state-generated ammunition to fire at future transportation spending decisions that rankle them.”

That’s money we don’t have, and the new regulations negatively impact our quality of life. We can do better.

Governor Hogan recently announced his priority to repeal this legislation, but he needs our help to do so. Change Maryland set up a website to make it easier to contact our legislators. It’s a fast and easy way to let your legislators know that our quality of life and better roads are higher priorities than partisan politics. Please take a moment now and go to It’s time all of our leaders put the common good over partisan politics.