Growing up in Glen Burnie, there is one thing I remember clearly about elections: mom and dad voted for Marjorie Holt for Congress. I first met Congresswoman Holt at the age of 9 on a fourth-grade field trip to Washington, D.C. We toured the Capitol Building and I vividly remember Rep. Holt joining the class for a picture on the front steps. I met her a second time in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan came to Baltimore to dedicate a statue of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore.

To say that Congresswoman Holt inspired my interest in politics would be an understatement. As a leader in Congress, she was effective at persuading her colleagues to vote on legislation regarding the budget and supporting the men and women of the military.

This past Thursday, May 4, I spent some time with Marjorie Holt. We had a wonderful conversation about her time in Congress, where she served from 1973 to 1987, and about her time as Clerk of the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County from 1966 to 1972.

I asked her what she enjoyed best about serving in politics, and she quickly said that she most enjoyed meeting people and hearing their stories. She said that she loved meeting people at their homes, and she credits her successful elections to going door to door. 

Congresswoman Holt told me that she really enjoyed walking in parades, as well – especially the Severna Park Fourth of July parade. 

As she recalled serving as Clerk of the Court, she said that was one of her favorite jobs because you get to help people and nobody dislikes you. We had a great time talking about her time at the Clerk’s Office and some of the wonderful people who worked there.

When I brought up President Reagan, Marjorie Holt’s face lit up with a big smile. She shared about how warm and personal he was when he met people. She greatly admired his leadership and presidency.

The warmth and joy of Congresswoman Holt tell the story of a special person. As she reflected on her public life, her delight in serving people revealed a beautiful person who cares deeply about the people she served. I count it a special blessing to have spent some time with her.