Almost 26 years ago, on March 11, 1991, I walked through the courthouse doors for the first time as an employee of the Clerk of the Court. I had no idea at the time that I was embarking on a career in public service at the Anne Arundel County Circuit Courthouse. I soon discovered that within the courthouse walls, a unique culture built upon a shared commitment to the mission of justice. The true driver of that culture, I found, was a passion for public service and promoting a fair, equitable and accessible justice system for the citizens and communities of Anne Arundel County.

That passion is a driving force for me in serving the public as a member of the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

I am happy to announce that I am seeking the elected position of Clerk of the Court.

I believe in the mission of the Clerk’s Office. I offer the executive experience, judicial knowledge and workplace commitment to continuing the dedication to service that has been the hallmark of our current Clerk, Bob Duckworth.

Meeting the people of our county and sharing the passion for justice and public service will be the aim of my campaign. I will focus on three themes related to Supporting Families, Growing Businesses and Safe Communities. These themes represent the values that give purpose to our judicial mission of providing fair, equitable and accessible justice.


Every family has a story. I think of how the Clerk’s Office has been a part of my family’s story. As a young couple, Sherri and I obtained our marriage license there, just like thousands of couples each year. Later, when we began our journey to expand our family through adoption, we found ourselves back at the courthouse obtaining important documents and certifications.

We also assist in the adoption of children. Each Thursday at the courthouse, children become a part of their forever family. As a dad because of the beautiful process of adoption, I am thankful that the Clerk’s Office has a part in bringing families together.

We help families in trouble. All too often, there is a need to determine child custody and child support for children through the court. We are an impartial assistant in those situations, helping families navigate the often difficult and emotional times. We don’t make decisions, but we are here to help.


Anne Arundel County is a vibrant community that welcomes businesses large and small, as well as entrepreneurs who have the next great ideas. A well-run Clerk’s Office contributes to a good environment for commerce and business in Anne Arundel County. I will continue to provide a professional and reliable Clerk’s Office that will work with Governor Larry Hogan and County Executive Steve Schuh to serve the businesses in our county.

This office issues 10,000 business licenses each year. We record deeds, mortgages and liens, and our efficient service contributes to a bustling real estate industry in our county. We provide efficient processing to settle legal disputes. Through service, efficiencies and timely work, we help contribute to the climate that enables job growth and thriving businesses.


As a partner in the criminal justice system, the Clerk of the Court helps carry out justice and contributes to safer communities in our county. The Drug Court helps support success over the horrific battle many face through drug addictions. Through diligence and committed employees, we protect the rights of victims and witnesses in our community and work toward restitution. Our partnership with county and state agencies, law enforcement and our judges helps keep us safe. It’s our calling and our passion.

Sherri and I love our county and our community. We are raising our family here, we work here and we live here. Sherri has been an Anne Arundel County teacher for 27 years. We want to make our community better than we found it.

My campaign is about Supporting Families, Growing Businesses and Safe Communities. As you consider the mission of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, my experience and knowledge of the office, and my passion for equal and fair justice, I ask for your vote: Doug Arnold for Clerk of the Circuit Court in 2018.